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household appliances

By mimicking the manufacturer’s packaging techniques, we can provide you with the same packaging solutions for all your shipping needs. Service includes disconnecting and packaging for transit or a normal hookup.

We service all major appliance brands and models.

  • Washing Machines: Top-Load Machines,Front-Load Machines
  • Dryers: Electric, Gas
  • Icemaker Systems: Connect to Existing Line, Run Complete System, Disconnect and Cap Water Line
  • Ranges: Electric, Gas
  • Dishwashers
  • Gas Appliances: ​When a gas appliance is disconnected, we will cap the gas line in the shipper’s home to prevent any leaks. When a gas appliance is hooked up, the installation includes a new gas flex connector per the American National Safety Institute (ANSI). [ANSI (Z21.24) “The connector and fitting are designed for use only on the original installation and are not to be reused for another appliance or at another location.”​